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Student engagement has been a central element of campus life at the University of St.Gallen for generations. The University is committed to encouraging student activities, for example by awarding ECTS credits for specific engagements and by creating a supportive environment for student associations dedicated to responsibility and sustainability.

Upcoming Events

Inclusive language workshop

27. June 2024

Standort: SQUARE, Hilti Innovation Room

Von: 27.06.2024, 15:30
27.06.2024, 17:00

Student Initiatives

The University of St. Gallen has a longstanding tradition of supporting student involvement in associations and initiatives that promote responsibility and sustainability.


ECOnnect is HSG’s community platform with the vision of empowering changemakers to co-create a sustainable future for people and planet!

They connect students, academia, business and civil society and facilitate impact-driven collaboration to empower them for the co-creation of a sustainable future.

Impact Careers

Do you wish to identify career choices that not only promise a bright future for yourself but also result in a positive impact for people and planet?

Find out about NextGen Impact Career Roundtables, impact- and sustainability-oriented job platforms and Career Stories from HSG alumni/ae:


NextGen Sustainability Mentoring

The NextGen Sustainability Mentoring Programme aims to promote integrative thought leadership and responsible action in business and sustainability. We foster the informal transfer of knowledge, relationship building, critical thinking, and professional excellence to tackle the most pressing sustainability challenges. We aim to enable HSG students to unfold their personal and professional potential for contributing to positive change in a world of finite resources and planetary boundaries. The initiative is part of the HSG Mentoring Programme.

HSG Sustainability Alumni Club

The HSG Alumni Sustainability Club is a service club for those interested in sustainability. The club promotes a network between HSG alumni, contact and exchange with members of student sustainability associations as well as a platform for the exchange and development of innovative solutions in the field of sustainability. The club further aims to strengthen its position in the field and promote thought leadership and research.

More information about events and activities can be found here: