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Learn more about the sustainability student organizations at HSG

The Africa Association St. Gallen is a student association. Founded as Africa Summit by AIESEC, later officially established and accredited as an independent Association at the University of St. Gallen in 2020. The Africa Association organises and offers multiple events to its members and the public, one of these is the annual Africa Summit.

BookCycle is a student initiative at the University of St. Gallen that aims to improve the quality of education in Africa while promoting a culture of recycling and sustainability. They collect educational materials in Switzerland and distribute them to Africa with the help of our partners. Their club consists of dedicated individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact in the world. 

IGNITE unites business leaders, students and academia to facilitate workshops and an annual conference all around the topics of purpose-driven business. They strive to be a platform promoting inspirational leadership, human-centred company culture and a positive impact on society, drawing a path towards a more meaningful business world.

PIECES is a student organization which improves the access to education for people in third-world countries around the globe. Moreover, PIECES has developed a new department, in which regional activities with refugees are organized.

ROCK YOUR LIFE! offers a mentoring programme between students and young people. We want to help young people to recognize their potential and to create the entrance into the working world or other educational programmes and schools. Through cooperation with companies, mentors and mentees get to know different professional worlds and can develop social and personal interests.

Profits and social responsibility go together. At the Social Business Club, it’s all about coming together to share and create new ideas, learn more about the topic, and discover the various social businesses as well as the professional opportunities they offer!

Student Impact seeks to make sustainability integral to the economy by consulting sustainable ventures on business-related mandates. Thus, we support the proliferation of sustainable business ideas, promote the personal development of our members towards responsible leaders of tomorrow and change the landscape of business school education from within.

The Sustainable Investment Club seeks to bring students from the University of St. Gallen closer to the world of sustainable finance. Through its unique and significant position within our society, the finance sector has the power to play an important role in the transition towards both, sustainable development and value creation in economic, environmental, and social terms. The goal of the SIC is to demonstrate that mainstream finance and sustainability are not mutually exclusive, yet complementary to each other. The focus of the club is to inform students and to encourage them to join the discussion, through various events, such as talks, workshops, or challenges.  

The Vegan Club aims to raise the awareness of the environmental and ethical aspects of veganism, as well as the economic potential of the fast-growing market.

The club will be re-founded and re-branded in the upcoming semester (autumn 2023). They already joined ECOnnect. Their picture and website will be updated soon.