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Responsibility & Sustainability

at the University of St.Gallen

The University of St.Gallen is committed to contributing to a socially and environmentally sustainable economy and society.

We aim to deeply embed sustainability in the HSG culture and all our core activities including research, teaching, and our campus.

Happening now

The student union launches the HSG Sustainability Charter

The HSG Charter Community (HCC) is a coaliation of clubs aiming at tackling the great challenges of our time.  At the kick-off event in May, the Student Union at the University of St.Gallen (SHSG) united more than 30 accredited clubs at HSG in order to develop synergies and create impactful projects. It is a strong signal to external stakeholders that HSG students are comitted to sustainability.

Through the General Assembly, the Council & Task Forces, the SHSG wants to build a platform that enable discussions and bring important matters forward. The project is open to any student initiative that agrees to the charter structure and wants to participate in the discussion.

The SHSG is committed to sustainability through their new corporate values. Not only does the SHSG support sustainable initiatives such as the Charter or the student initatives related to the carbon challenges in the certificate programme “Managing CLimate Solutions”, the SHSG also reformed one of its fonds, the Social & Cultural Fonds into the Social & Sustainable Impact Fonds. This represents the SHSG’s commitment to financially support student initiatives with great potential on the social, sustainable and cultural topics.

If you want to learn more or want to get engaged, please contact (Irina Kopatz).

Author: Tabea Bereuther

Date: 8. June 2021

Finalists in the International Green Gown Awards 2021

Project from the student organizations oikos St.Gallen and Student Impact are finalists in the International Green Grown Award 2021

oikos St. Gallen has been shortlisted as a finalist in the category of student engagement with their project “be informed, get involved, make a difference!”.

Student Impact is under the finalists in the category of student engagement and next generation learning and skills with the projects “Walk the climate action talk – together: Towards a net zero strategy jointly developed by students, faculty, and staff” and “Be the change – the student consultancy of a different kind“.

The winners will be announced on on 7th July 2021 as part of the United Nations High-Level Political Forum.

These awards seek to identify those universities around the world undertaking empowering sustainable initiatives and bringing us closer to achieving the sustainable development goals by 2030.

Author: Tabea Bereuther

Date: 1. June 2021

HSG Impact Award 2021

Three research project received the “HSG Impact Award 2021”

This year, the University of St.Gallen (HSG) is conferring the HSG Impact Awards for the fourth time. HSG researchers will receive awards for the valuable contribution they make to society through their projects. Three awards are being conferred to the research projects:

  • “An integrated approach to generate higher impact portfolios” by Prof. Dr. Sebastian Utz;
  • “Monitoring Consumption Switzerland” by Prof. Dr. Martin Brown and Prof. Dr. Matthias Fengler;
  • “Staying on Top of the Crisis: Tracking the Economic and Social Impacts of SARS CoV 2 and Future Disasters to Improve Global Disaster Management and Response Efforts” by Prof. Dr. Charlotta Sirén, Research Associate Michael Hudecheck, Prof. Ph.D. Joakim Vincent and Prof. Dr. Dietmar Grichnik.

Find more information on the project here.

Author: Tabea Bereuther

Date: 1. June 2021

Dr. Manali Kumar on Biden’s Climate Summit

Dr. Manali Kumar from the Institute of Political Science at the University of St.Gallen assess the US’ track record on climate mitigation and Joe Biden’s climate summit on BBC News with Clive Myrie.

The summit has clearly brought a lot of fresh energy ahead of COP26 this November and it certainly fits into the Biden administration’s “America is back” narrative. But the US has very little credibility when it comes to climate change mitigation efforts. The US never ratified the Kyoto Protocol. Republicans and corporations have consistently opposed climate action for years and actively undermined scientific research on this topic.

The US tends to argue that they will act when other countries do so – but that is not good enough. If we treated the US military as a country, then its emissions would rank higher than 140 other countries. The US has one of the highest levels of per capita emissions in the world. The Biden administration will need to go beyond making ambitious pledges and start formulating and implementing policies if they want to be taken seriously as leaders on climate change mitigation.

Author: Tabea Bereuther

Date: 6. May 2021

Careers with purpose: Open online round table

The COVID crisis serves as a clear reminder of the inextricable links between nature, business and society. Previously taken-for-granted norms are radically changing, and new leadership styles and business practices are emerging. What does this mean for students that want to contribute to business solutions for a better world?

Join us on Tuesday, May 4, 12.15 – 13.15 on Zoom, on your journey towards becoming tomorrow’s leaders!


In this cross-sectoral online event, we will be joined by professionals from Lindt & Sprüngli, BMW, and the European Commission to discuss personal careers in the post-COVID world.

Our guest speakers will share their reasons for choosing their professional path, their challenges as well as the emerging sustainability-related opportunities. A highly interactive Q&A will follow. Get inspired and learn about what a purposeful career looks like and what it needs to get there.

Tilmann Morata Liebert 

Policy Officer – Sustainable Finance, European Commission Directorate General for Climate Action

Tilmann has joined the EU Commission in 2015 as part of the international carbon markets and aviation team, negotiating the sector’s regulation at UN-level and handling EU policies on aviation’s climate impacts. Previously, he provided policy advice and technical assistance on energy and climate to governments around the world with UN Environment’s Green Economy Initiative and the think tank IISD in Geneva. In 2011, he received his dual-M.A. degrees from the University of St. Gallen & Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

Alexander Nick
Lead Climate Strategy and ESG Standards, BMW

Alex is a member of BMW Group’s Sustainability and Mobility Leadership Team, focusing on the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement, Circular Economy as well as environmental & social standards in the supply chain. Prior to joining BMW Group, he worked as a Director for SustainAbility   in London, and as a research associate for IMD Lausanne. Alex completed a PhD in strategic management and is a member of various sustainability organizations, including the German Association of the Club of Rome and the Responsible Leaders Network of the BMW Foundation.

Leonie Brühlmann
Head of Sustainability, Lindt & Sprüngli

Leonie has joined the sustainability team at Lindt & Sprüngli in 2017. Since August 2020, she is heading the sustainability department and Managing Director of the Lindt Cocoa Foundation. Prior to these positions, she worked in the areas of financial service advisory and insurance consulting. Leonie also volunteers in different organizations for environmental protection, homeless people, and the integration of refugees. She holds a Master in Business Management from the University of St.Gallen with a specific focus on sustainability and strategy.

Hanna Ebeling
CEO, Social Enterprise Financing Australia (Sefa)

Hanna Ebeling is CEO at Sefa in Sydney where she works closely with purpose-driven organisations on developing capital solutions and capability support to suit their needs. Prior to coming to Australia, she spent two years in the Philippines, managing a social enterprise accelerator program for LGT Lightrock and launching an affordable bamboo housing venture with United Nations and the Hilti Foundation. Before moving into impact investing, she spent six years in banking with HSBC globally, lastly working for the Chief Investment Officer of Group Private Banking. Hanna holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of St.Gallen, Switzerland, and is a CFA charterholder.

Author: Tabea Bereuther

Date: 19. April 2021

New Research Video: Truly Sustainable Strategies

Although many companies are committed to sustainability, environmental and social crises are advancing. This is partly because many companies’ strategies tend to view sustainability as a means to an end of financial success. The Truly Sustainable Strategies approach, on the other hand, places the addressing of existing sustainability challenges at the center of corporate action. Dr. Tabea Bereuther from the Institute for Economy and the Environment at the HSG has taken a closer look at these strategies in her dissertation.

Author: Tabea Bereuther

Date: 19. April 2021

Meet MaCS event: Get to know the master certificate in Managing Climate Solutions (MaCS-HSG)

The new certificate program in Managing Climate Solutions (MaCS-HSG) addresses one of the biggest societal challenges of our time. Climate change has been called “a trillion dollar risk, and an opportunity”, so coming up with positive solutions is key for future leaders in business and society.

Why should you consider applying for MaCS-HSG? What are you going to learn? And who are the people involved?

Sign up for this free webinar on Thursday, April 29, 2021 to get first-hand insights about MaCS-HSG from the program’s academic director, Prof. Rolf Wüstenhagen, and the program manager, Dr. Merla Kubli. The webinar also provides the opportunity to exchange with current students of the certificate.


16:30 Introduction to MaCS

  • Why MaCS?
  • What is a certificate program?
  • Program structure
  • Core courses and electives
  • Career opportunities
  • How to Apply

16:50 Questions & Answers

17:05 Presentation of MaCS student projects

17:15 Climate Solutions Quiz

17:30 Breakout Sessions with current MaCS students

18:00 End of webinar


Please register to be able to attend the Meet MaCS event:

More information about the MaCS master certificate

Author: Tabea Bereuther

Date: 19. April 2021

HSG 2020 Sustainability Report: UN-PRME

For the fifth time, the University of St.Gallen publishes a sustainability report. As a UN PRME signatory (Principles of Responsible Management Education), it also serves as a report on progress regarding the six PRME principles the university committed to.

This 2020 report highlights how the University of St.Gallen embeds sustainability in the curriculum, executive education, and co-curricular activities, as well as research, campus, and the local and global community.

Prof. Judith Walls, Delegate for Responsibility and Sustainability at the University of St.Gallen is exited to share the progress that has been made in these areas: “The last two years have seen some important developments, building on our integration of the Sustainable Development Goals in 2018”. Prof. Bernhard Ehrenzeller, President of the University of St.Gallen, adds that “We are confident we will continue seeing results that give meaning to our claim: From Insight to Impact”.

Author: Tabea Bereuther

Date: 23. March 2021

Key facts

Our engagement and activites

Our contribution to the SDGs

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agreed upon in 2015 by the United Nations provide an overarching framework for addressing the world’s sustainability challenges. Find out more about the University of St. Gallen contribution to achieving the SGDs goals through our activities.

How students are shaping sustainability at HSG

Student engagement has always been a central part to campus life at the University of St.Gallen. There are several student associations that focus on sustainability and help shape the university’s sustainability activities.

Student Initiatives