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Responsibility & Sustainability

at the University of St.Gallen

The University of St.Gallen is committed to contributing to a socially and environmentally sustainable economy and society.

We aim to deeply embed sustainability in the HSG culture and all our core activities including research, teaching, and our campus.

Happening now

Navigating the academic job market for sustainability

The HSG Impact Scholar Community is co-organizing the event “Navigating the academic job market for sustainability” with Dr. Kerrigan Unter, postdoc at the HSG Institute for Economy and the Environment.

After an input by Kerrigan, various researchers will share their experiences and we will discuss any questions that you may have. We will further exchange during an Apéro at the end of the session.

When: 30.05.2023, 3.15 – 4.45 pm followed by an Apéro
Where: SQUARE 11-1131
👉 Please sign-up: HERE

Everyone interested in an academic career in sustainability is warmly invited to join!

We are delighted to announce the following panellists:
Dr. Miron Avidan, Assistant Professor for Sustainability and Business at Chatham University
Prof. Merla Kubli, Assistant Professor for Managing Climate Solutions
Prof. Stefano Ramelli, Assistant Professor in Corporate Finance
Prof. Judith Stroehle Ströhle, Assistant Professor of Sustainability Governance

Find more information about the event here.

Author: Tabea Bereuther

Date: 24. May 2023

Sustainability Curriculum Innovation Lab (SCIL)

Faculty/Lecturer support: Sustainability Curriculum Innovation Lab (SCIL)

When students and faculty collaborate to further integrate sustainability into their course

The idea?

In a workshop facilitated by oikos, a faculty shares their constraints and challenges to embed sustainability in their course (content & pedagogy) with students who would come up with diverse concrete solutions. Then both faculty & students exchange on identifying the ones which are implementable and collaborate to integrate them into the course.

As a faculty, you are interested in benefiting from such a workshop this year?

Reach out to to make it happen!

Author: Julian Boemelburg

Date: 23. May 2023

Circular Economy Research @ HSG

The University of St.Gallen (HSG) was significantly involved in the National Research Programme 73 (NRP 73), which focused on a transformation towards a sustainable economy. Over five years, NRP 73 comprised 29 research projects with 210 researchers and 85 partner organisations and a budget of CHF 20 million. At the end of the programme, key findings have now been presented to the public.

A flagship project within the framework of NRP 73 was the LACE project “Laboratory for Applied Circular Economy”, which was spearheaded at HSG by Prof. Dr. Karolin Frankenberger and Dr. Fabian Takacs. Together with the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA) and the University of Lausanne, they made a far-reaching contribution to establishing and researching the circular economy in this project.

New Circular Lab at HSG

What was initiated by the NRP73 project is now being continued by the Competence Center Circular Economy at the Institute of Business Administration at the University of St.Gallen. It dedicates its activities to research and practical work in the area of the Circular Economy. The team led by Prof. Karolin Frankenberger and Prof. Simon Mayer acquired two million euros in Interreg funding for research and implementation of the Circular Economy in the Lake Constance region for HSG and together with other universities and practice partners. The participating universities and more than 30 practice partners are contributing the same amount. The goal is to successfully implement circular solutions and to network the actors in the region. The focus is on the textile industry as well as the agricultural and food industry.

More information / resources:

Author: Julian Boemelburg

Date: 19. May 2023

Impact Awards 2023

The University of St.Gallen (HSG) honours outstanding research with the HSG Impact Award each year. In 2023, these go to the research project “Sustainable Aviation” by Adrian Müller, Dr Alexander Stauch, Prof. Dr Judith Walls and Dr Andreas Wittmer; to the project “Consistent and replicable estimation of bilateral climate finance” by Dr Anna Stünzi, Malte Toetzke and Florian Egli; and to Prof. Dr Damian Borth and Konstantin Schürholt for their research project “Hyper-Representations: Learning from populations of neural networks”

Learn more about these projects here:

Congratulations to the winners!

Author: Julian Boemelburg

Date: 17. May 2023

Impact Collab May 2023

Are you a HSG student and want to drive change at our University? Then join this week’s Impact Collab and be part of an exciting collaborative workshop to set an end to resource waste.

Connect and collaborate with like-minded impact-driven students and HSG stakeholders towards identifying and developing concrete student projects to tackle resource overshoot at HSG

When? May 17th, 6:15 – 8:30 pm
Where? SQUARE, room Säntis

Sign up via the button below and be part of the change we want to see at Rosenberg!

Author: Julian Boemelburg

Date: 15. May 2023

THRIVE Impact Summer School

Are you looking for an inspirational learning experience over the summer? Then check out the THRIVE Impact Summer School hosted by our colleagues from the Competence Center for Social Innovation (CSI-HSG)!

THRIVE Impact empowers you with the mindset and tools to co-create a safe and just space for humanity within planetary boundaries.

We have overshot 6 of 9 planetary boundaries. We are not making significant progress towards scaling back our negative impact, yet business and management education have yet to comprehensively address this. Tomorrow’s leaders need to be prepared for the adversity they will face in a changing world.

Developing and implementing transformative solutions will require new skills and ways of working, including collaboration across disciplines and sectors and deepened awareness of the complex challenges we face.​

As a global society, we are not all equally vulnerable to the worst effects of climate change, nor have we been equally responsible for causing them. The need for equitable solutions is growing ever more urgent.

​In its pilot delivery, THRIVE Impact asks us to work towards a holistic understanding of the relationship between emissions, nature, and people.

Applications are open until this Friday, May 12th via THRIVEIMPACT.CH

Author: Julian Boemelburg

Date: 9. May 2023

Teaching Exchange: HSG Faculty Peer Exchange on Sustainability in Teaching

You want to know how to embed sustainability into your courses? You wonder what is being done at HSG and who does it already? ​

“Our direction is clear: everyone teaching at HSG must become an ambassador for sustainability.” Prof. Martin Eppler, Vice President Studies & Academic Affairs

“Teaching is a key funnel for sustainability education and integration. This event allows peers to exchange on how best to go about making our sustainability strategic goals to embed sustainability across all levels of education a reality.”  Prof. Judith Walls, Delegate for Responsibility and Sustainability

Come meet and exchange with your peers from various schools and disciplines to learn from each other’s best practices and get inspired in an interactive teaching exchange format.  

The recent release of the HSG PRME Report highlights what has happened over the past two years in terms of sustainability in teaching at HSG. It is now time to together move forward by building on the existing collective knowledge and experience. ​

When? April, 27th, 12:00 – 14:00 (lunch provided)​

Where? Meeting Point (MazeMap)​

Who? Anyone teaching at HSG and curious to exchange on sustainability in teaching​

Registration (very short): Form ​


This networking lunch is organized by HDZ (Hochschuldidaktisches Zentrum), CAT (Center for Curriculum and Teaching Development) and R&S (HSG Responsibility & Sustainability) as part of the HDZ Teaching Exchange series. 

Author: Tabea Bereuther

Date: 4. April 2023

HSG sustainability report 2022

The HSG published the new edition of the HSG sustainability report.

The 2022 report shows how the University embeds sustainability in curricular and co-curricular activities, executive education, research, campus activities as well as the exchange with our stakeholders. As a signatory to the UN PRME (Principles of Responsible Management Education), the University of St.Gallen (HSG) is committed to the six PRME principles. The HSG sustainability report highlights their implementation and shows the broad spectrum of sustainability-related activities. President Prof. Dr. Bernhard Ehrenzeller says he is pleased that HSG is continuing the journey toward greater sustainability and further promoting the PRME principles.

You can access the report here and find the corresponding media release here.

Author: Tabea Bereuther

Date: 4. April 2023

Key facts

Our engagement and activites

Our contribution to the SDGs

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agreed upon in 2015 by the United Nations provide an overarching framework for addressing the world’s sustainability challenges. Find out more about the University of St. Gallen contribution to achieving the SGDs goals through our activities.

How students are shaping sustainability at HSG

Student engagement has always been a central part to campus life at the University of St.Gallen. There are several student associations that focus on sustainability and help shape the university’s sustainability activities.

Student Initiatives