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PhD Programmes

The University of St.Gallen offers six Ph.D. programmes in German and/or English. Three of them integrate sustainability and responsibility into their curriculum.

In the Doctoral Programme of International Affairs (DIA) you are prepared for a research career or a demanding specialist or management role in economics and politics. You are provided with the research qualifications you need and strengthen your knowledge base in your discipline and selected area of expertise. In addition, you develop your abilities to conduct a research-based dialogue with related disciplines.
The Ph.D. Programme in Management prepares either for an academic career or for a research-based professional career. Thanks to the broad orientation of the School of Management, the following four specialisations are offered: Accounting, Business Innovation, General Management, Marketing.
Many of today’s problems can only be apprehended from an interdisciplinary perspective: economic problems have cultural roots, cultural ones have economic causes. The exploration of multidisciplinary problems constitutes the central point of doctoral studies in Organization Studies and Cultural Theory (DOK). The DOK imparts competencies that enable graduates to face the central social challenges of the present day in an effective manner and to develop attractive options for the future.

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