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“Watt d’Or” Award for the office building in Rosenergstrasse 30

The office building from the 1960s in Rosenbergstrasse 30 was refurbished to meet new energy standards. Through the renewal, energy consumption was reduced by over 90%. According to data from the heating period in 2019/2020, the heating requirement of the office space is now 7 kWh / m2a (previously between 90 and 120 kWh / m2a) and thus well below the requirements for a passive house.

The entire renovation of the property at Rosenbergstrasse 30 was awarded with the Watt d’Or award by the Swiss Federal Office for Energy in January 2021 because of the successful use of a cost-effective low-technology heating and ventilation system.

Find more information at the BFE website and in the news article of St.Gallen24 and LeaderDigital.

Author: Tabea Bereuther

Date: 8. January 2021