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The HSG Impact Scholar Community – Dialogue and collaboration among scholars

The “HSG Impact Scholar Community” – a community of purpose-driven early-career researchers –  is looking for support to further develop the dialogue and collaboration among scholars.

The community was launched two years ago in a team of 2 PhD students and 2 Post docs with institutional & moral support from various people. The purpose is to connect scholars aiming to conduct research that positively contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Over the course of the last two years, we have (co-)created around 15 events with about 250 people attending in total and sent out around 20 newsletters to a list of about 80 community members.

We want to make sure that the community flourishes in the future. We are, therefore, launching a call for collaboration: if you are excited about what the community stands and aims for and could imagine supporting and shaping the further development of the community, please reach out to ! You can also find some additional information in the call below.

HSG Impact Scholar Community Call For Collaboration

Author: Tabea Bereuther

Date: 19. September 2023