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Master Programmes

The University of St. Gallen offers 13 core programmes on the Master’s level. Five of these programmes integrate R&S substantially.

Master in Management, Organization Studies and Cultural Theory (MOK)
The Master of Management, Organization Studies and Cultural Theory (MOK) is the first truly interdisciplinary Master’s programme at the University of St.Gallen that consistently links management, social and cultural sciences. The understanding of cultural interdependences within organisational and societal processes is an important aspect of the curriculum. The programme focuses on relational management understanding, which is crucial to sustainably address today’s environmental and societal complexity. Responsibility and sustainability is also widely represented in our practice projects, with students working on actual case challenges with several of our practice partners.
Master in International Affairs and Governance (MIA)
The Master in International Affairs and Governance (MIA) emphasizes multi- and interdisciplinary courses that put equal weight on topics in business administration, economics, law, and political sciences and teaches the skills and knowledge needed to study complex real-world problems in an evidence-based and integrated manner. The dedicated cluster “Sustainability and Development” considers the economic, political, social and environmental dimensions when addressing development and sustainability issues, including (economic) growth, environmental problems such as climate change, health, fair trade, social entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, foreign aid, and sustainable consumption.
Master in Business Management (MUG)
The Master of Arts in Business Management (MUG) is based on the fundamental premise of a tightly integrated learning experience between theoretical and practical knowledge. Ethics and sustainability takes a center stage as one of the four focus areas. The MUG recognizes that ethical and sustainable business conduct is fundamental for management today and in the future. Therefore, the importance of ethics and sustainability is reflected in different ways, like the mandatory course “Managing entrepreneurially” that integrates sustainability systematically and a specialization in sustainability management.
Master in Strategy and International Management (SIM)
The notion of responsibility and sustainability constitutes an integral part of the vision of the Master of Arts in Strategy and International Management (SIM) and is strongly integrated in its curriculum. The programme is fully committed to shaping not only competent managers but also responsible global leaders. The course 'SIMagination Challenge', a mandatory component of the SIM programme, is exploring the topic via challenging and international social initiatives which students plan, execute and reflect upon. It aims at addressing pressing social needs by solutions that leave a positive and sustainable impact.
The CEMS MiM is a Master programme enabled by a strategic alliance of 33 leading, global business schools, more than 70 international companies and 7 NGOs. CEMS connects high quality education with professional experience.  Among the variety of activities offered, the  CEMS Climate Change Strategy Role Play stands out. The Role Play gives students important background information on climate change, and familiarizes them with its implications on an economic, political and social level. This allows the participating students not only to increase their knowledge about the global climate challenge, but to also gain first-hand experience with finding solutions. The University of St. Gallen, in collaboration with seven other leading European business schools, offers the CEMS Model UNFCCC, a unique course on climate change and its implications for business, followed by the two-day simulation of the UN climate negotiations with master-level students from all the participating schools. The course was awarded for its outstanding contribution to the CEMS community in 2019.
Master in Marketing Management (MiMM)
The Master in Marketing Management (MiMM) trains customer- and design-oriented students to become reflective, competent, and entrepreneurial individuals who act in a sustainable way. The MiMM is based on a three-track concept (customer-centric/marketing management/marketing function) to link specialised knowledge with practical requirements and enable students to sharpen their career profile. In an applied research project, students work in close cooperation with a corporate partner for three semesters under the supervision of a faculty member. Additionally, several core electives offer a selection of continuously renewed courses that supplement the three tracks and are dedicated to responsible and sustainable behavior in research and practice.

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