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HSG Positive Impact Challenge

Ignite your entrepreneurial spirit and drive positive change

Join the HSG Positive Impact Challenge 2023!

Whether you’re crafting a new project or taking an existing one to the next level, pitch it to our expert jury.

💸 Win up to 1500 CHF to fund your project idea.

🤝 Receive professional support and access to our network to implement your ideas.

🌱 Ignite your entrepreneurial spirit and drive positive change.


📋 Checklist

💡  Have an idea.
🌍 Adress at least one UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) with your idea.
🤝 Find a team.
📑 Develop a project plan to implement your idea.
🗂️ Create a pitch deck.
📬 Send us your pitch deck.
🎙️  Pitch your project.

🗓️ Important dates & links


🔬 Open Lab Day:
Join the Open Lab Day on November 21st 2023 to develop your project and receive feedback from our Jury.
➡️ Sign-up here

📬 Submission Deadline:
Send us your application pitch deck until the December 17th 2023 by using the following mail: (for information on what should be in your pitch deck, see below)
➡️ Send us your pitch deck

🎙️ Jury pitches:
Pitch your project idea on February 27th 2024 to our expert jury.
After a careful review of your pitch deck, you will receive a final invitation via e-mail by January 7, 2024.


👨‍💻 Who can participate?

☑️ Any HSG-related student initiative or group with at least one current HSG student.

☑️ We highly welcome submissions of collaborations between different HSG Student Clubs and / or external project partners!


🕵️ Who’s the jury?

➡️ Lars Willi | Co-Founder, InVite AG | CEO,  WECONNEX AG

➡️ Jessica Aschari Lincoln | Co-Head of the Advice Center for Study Funding &  Programme Manager of HSG Student Leaders Workshop, Univeristy of St.Gallen

➡️ Anna-Katrin Heydenreich | Lecturer for Organizational Psychology & Specialist Diversity & Inclusion, University of St.Gallen

➡️ Oriana Würth | Board member for Sustainability, Student Union of the University St.Gallen

➡️ Lasse van Look | Community Developer, ECOnnect


📋 What should be in your pitch deck?

☑️ Idea, purpose & project details.

☑️ Target group, objectives & impact logics.

☑️ Stakeholder network (potential users, partners, competitors, supporters etc.).

☑️ Budget breakdown and prize money allocation.

☑️ Project Timeline.


🎯 What are the evaluation criteria?

☑️ Originality / Innovation performance

☑️ Impact potential

☑️ Feasibility of implementation

☑️ Processes (team collaboration)

☑️ Commitment/ passion of the team


❓ Do you have questions?

➡️Reach out to us at any time to 😊


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