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Executive Education

Through its Executive School and institutes, the University of St.Gallen offers a wide range of executive education programmes. Six programmes include courses in the field of sustainability and responsibility.

Disposal and Recycling Manager (Certificate of Advanced Studies)
The aim of this executive course is to discuss relevant business and regulatory issues with the participants to enable them to address new business challenges in the disposal and recycling markets adequately. The focus is on fact-based knowledge transfer as well as on cooperative learning with or from each other. The course is for the middle and upper levels of public and private companies in the waste/recycling management and logistics sector. Representatives from authorities and industry associations as well as career changers are also welcome.
Executive MBA – German and English
The EMBA HSG is an advanced General Management programme taught in German that provides ambitious, purpose-driven leaders with new insights and content of major relevance to the German speaking regions and full access to the HSG network. The International EMBA HSG is taught in English that provides participants management insights and inspiration by offering a curriculum with an international focus, modules abroad and multi-national diversity. Sustainability topics are integral part of both programmes. Our commitment in sustainability is reflected in the Financial Times ranking (#4 in the Corporate Social Responsibility category worldwide in 2019).
Full-time and part-time Master of Business Administration (MBA)
The University of St.Gallen MBA programme continues to incorporate ESG material into the overall MBA experience. Steps have been taken to keep ESG topics as part of the core, integration and elective curriculum. For example, in the Corporate Strategy and Sustainability core course, there is a section on purpose-driven firms. An entire portfolio of electives have ESG themes, such as Impact Investing. Furthermore, the MBA encourages each class to pursue an extracurricular social impact project, which has led to funds being raised and causes being advocated for across a variety of issues.
Women Back to Business
The CAS course in management “Women Back to Business” helps women with a university or advanced technical college degree return to work after family leave. The unique programme provides participants with a management update and prepares them for a successful career relaunch through customized workshops, coaching sessions and practical experience in a company, public organization or NGO.
CSR kompakt
The certified advanced training programme provides knowledge, skills and practical project experience to integrate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into business processes and strategy. The course is aimed for executives and professionals from economics, civil society, international organizations and politics. It is held in German only.
Renewable Energy Management
The main goal of the executive education programme REM-HSG is to help tomorrow’s leaders to turn the economic, environmental, and social challenges of today’s energy supply into new business opportunities. As a participant, you will build up expertise about the potential of one of the most attractive growth markets, and identify ways for you and your company to succeed in the new energy industry. A particular focus is on managing disruptive decentralization in the energy market, driven by the convergence of solar photovoltaics, battery storage, digitization, and electric mobility.