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ECOnnect Biodiversity Collage Workshop

We invite you to participate in the Biodiversity Collage Workshop! Due to the limitations of our facilitation capcities, the number pf participants is limited. First come, first serve! (Status 14th of August: Still 4 free slots)
Everyone who participates in the Collage Workshop qualifies to participate at the Training as workshop facilitator at Noember 23rd, too. (Sign-up via the same formular)
Biodiversity plays a crucial role in maintaining the balance of ecosystems, ensuring the provision of essential services such as clean air and water while providing a rich source of medicines and genetic resources for future innovations. Currently, we are facing a massive loss of Biodiversity on a global scale. What is biodiversity exactly? Why is it so important? How de we currently harm it and how can we protect it? These questions will be adressed in our Biodiversity Collage Workshop at HSG.
If you are interested in increasing your biodiversity protection capacities, then sign up for the workshop below. All particpation fees will be fully covered by ECOnnect.
1. What’s the Biodiversity Collage Workshop?
Discover, through a fun and collaborative workshop, the systemic aspects of biodiversity: What it is, what it enables and what degrades it. The workshop will be guided by a specially trained facilitator and includes an introduction to ecosystem, a collaborative game-like collage creation in sub-groups and a de-briefing with the whole group.
2. What’s the Training as workshop facilitator for the Biodiversity Fresk?
The training provides you will the necessary skills and knowhow to facilitate Biodiversity Collages. As a trained facilitator for the Biodiversity Collage you will be allowed to execute Biodiversity Collage workshops for your friends, colleagues and/or family by yourself.

5. October 2023

Standort: University of St. Gallen, Square (11-1111)

Von: 05.10.2023, 17:00
05.10.2023, 20:30