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AIESEC St.Gallen: SDG Summit

AIESEC St.Gallen hosts the SDG Summit. It is featuring a range of workshops and case studies, each focusing on one UN Sustainble Development Goal (SDG).

You can already sign-up for the first workshop, held by Callirius, focusing on how Swiss companies can responsibily manage their unavoidable CO2 emissions. This interactive session will delve into the crucial role of financing high-quality, nature-based climate protection projects. (Sign-up here)

You can find an overview of all workshops here (Click)

Don’t miss the announcment of more workshops and events at the SDG summit by visiting their Instagram page!

When? November 28th
Where? Depending on the workshop

28. November 2023

Standort: Universität St.Gallen

Von: 28.11.2023, 08:00
28.11.2023, 20:00