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Bachelor Programmes

At the Bachelor’s Level students acquire a broad spectrum of knowledge, preparing them for diverse and demanding work environment. There are two programmes that integrate sustainability and responsibility into their curriculum.

International Affairs
The Major in International Affairs is a self-contained, multi-disciplinary degree course. After you have successfully completed the Assessment Year, you will attend the Compulsory Subjects and Core Electives of this Major in Economics, Political Science, Law and Business Administration for four semesters.
Business Administration
The Major in Business Administration offers you an internationally recognized fundamental education in business studies. In addition to the courses in business administration, we also provide you with comprehensive knowledge in international economic relations through courses in economics and law. At the same time, we foster your understanding of the social, political, ecological and ethical environment of business. Our major in business administration thus pursues a holistic approach that takes into account the most diverse aspects of economic activity.

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